Responsible animal keeping


The rules of keeping an animal

1. Responsibility: Do not buy ourselves pets, if we are not aware in the exact responsibilities, obligations and charges. Anyone who thinks in a responsible way chooses only the animal to whom he or she can create the right conditions for life. So be aware that we are choosing for a lifetime. For their life.

2. Love: However, this love must be mutual: provide at least as much love of our favorite than we get and what we expect. Never vent your anger or bad moods on your pet because he can not do anything about is, he doesn’t understand why we behave this way.

3. Feeding: One drug is not able to prevent many diseases such as the right composition, balanced diet. So keep to the rules and requirements with our pets’ feeding. Always give them the best food at the same time. Their water pot can not dry out because your pet is suffering from thirst as well as his keeper.

4. Movement demands: The movement needs of certain varieties are different, but it depends on the animal’s age as well. The small pets kept in the apartment (hamsters, birds, fish, reptiles) still have demands. With this in mind always establish appropriately sized accommodation according to the number and size of the animals!

5. Health: We need to protect our favorites from different kinds of dangerous troubles. Therefore, give all required and recommended dose at the same time, we also think that it may be something wrong with them if they don’t complain. Because of that we should check the health of your pet at least once a year with your vet. We must not forget the regular deworm either.

6. Progeny: We are responsible not only for our pets but also their progeny too. Therefore, we only mate our pets if we are confident that we can find a keeper like us for the descendants. The best solution is to deworm them.

7. Environment: Responsible for the production of livestock is to the pet and his owner is able to live harmoniously together to make their relationship fun and all of that have their correspondence with their environment. So let us always regard our environment.





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