About Us

The Zoo Cafe was established in 2014 and opened on 5 September 2014 in the heart of Budapest. We have many hand raised animals with whom we began our function with the target that in out rushing life where families don’t have the possibility to keep their own animals in their places we represent the relationship between humans and animals. Everybody can admire our special and interesting animals next to a coffee, a cake, a sandwich or an ice cream.

Zoo Cafe is not just an ordinary cafe, it’s more than many free, stunning and exotic animals to present, pet or get to know them. With our private rooms there is a possibility to give birthday parties, children’s parties, or other events in our cafe where the kids can get to know all of our animals in games with a help of our zookeeper. After eating and drinking the lemonades and the cakes they can also take some pictures with these special animals, for example with the arakanga on their shoulders. In addition we would like to bring the possibility to the families who want to have their own pet to have some practicing time with us.

zoo kép rolunk 1

Our zookeepers will always answer all of the questions about the animals. They also can give you information about the keeping, the feeding and the needs of the animals so they can prepare our guests for keeping an animal in a responsible way. One of the other missions of the cafe is that they would like to tear out everybody

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for a while from the rushing and stressful workdays with the calmness of the animals. On the Western part of the world hospitals use mouse, snakes and rabbits in the nursing department with good results in animal therapy. This cafe would like to offer a bearable stressful life and give a possibility to have a good time also for the pets and the guests.

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