British Shorthair kitten

The British short-haired domestic cat is a traditional British bred, it has a strong body, rich fur and distinctive face. Most popular version is blue colour with a light blue-gray coat and red eyes.

In addition, there are a lot of hundreds of color version of the popular striped, marbled cream and purple colored cats.

The British Shorthair is still one of the earliest published in kind in the history of his ancestors were probably Egyptian domestic cats, which were shipped to Britain by the Romans. They are currently enjoying enormous popularity.

Appearance: The British Shorthair is a powerful but complex kind. In appearance it is reflected in the determination, broad chest, strong, stocky legs and a medium-long, thick tail. The head also has a huge, round, short nose, especially in males with a certain protruding cheek too. Large, round eyes the color of the coat pattern of fits and blue cats typically yellow. Due to their size and complexity they evole slower than other breeds, finally develop until the age of three. Adult males weigh between 4.1 to 7.7 kg and females 3.2 to 5.4 kg.

Character: Actually a peaceful but noticeably graceful cat. At adult age it is no longer an active player, but sweet-natured, very attached to its owner. Other pets and children can get along great, it tolerates caressing very well. Recommended as an indoor cat, its care is simple, it does not need a lot of time. But it is highly prone to obesity so its diet has to be carefully watched.

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